Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Cracked Advice Board" launches on

This just in:

The Natural Disastronauts' maiden series "The Cracked Advice Board" launches tomorrow on!!! I will keep you posted when it is up so you can view it with your eyeballs and then use your fingertips to send it to your friends' eyeballs via internet communication technology! Here is a visual aid:

The series was written and created by Daniel Gordh in conjuction with Michael Swaim and the good people at It was directed by The Gordh Brothers (Will and Daniel Gordh), and shot and edited by genie, Will Gordh, and co-produced by ultra-babestronaut, Katy stoll, and mega-cutie Lindsey Covarrubias.

Tune in tomorrow for episode 1!

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