Sunday, May 29, 2011


Welcome to the site for the Natural Disastronauts comedy association! The Natural Disastronauts are a LA/NYC-based comedy group, dedicated to promoting and creating spacevironment-friendly humor. Here we will keep you posted on our exploits as we travel the universe, post new content, and keep you updated on other funny shit we find on the internet that we think you should see because its funny and on the internet. 

The Natural Disatronauts are a hodge-podge crew of professional actors, filmmakers, writers, artisans, glass-blowers, and weapons experts. Sure they're scrappy, but they have heart. Led by human being/ person - Daniel Vincent Gordh - they work together provide relief to disaster-stricken space pueblos, and promote Black Hole Awareness. 

Follow us for adventure!

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