Monday, May 30, 2011

DR. CONE'S T.O.D. (Tip of (the) Daye) # 1

Dr. Cone here, talking to you from the library's computer laboratory! Come here periodically for additional advice from me, Dr. Cone, that I write for you. 

Here's a tip:

Paint every wall of your room with "chalkboard paint" and create your own world! If you're room has no windows on it because you live in some kind of cave or other dungeon-like area, feel free to draw one on the wall. And the best part is - you can put the window anywhere your want (even on the ceiling - can you imagine?!) You can even draw a window that has a view of another room on it, as though there is another room directly connected to yours that you can see through the window. Then draw someone's face so it looks like they are peering into your room and put on a show for them!!! Tell them your secrets, share your fears, or maybe try developing a deep personal relationship with them based on mutual trust and Sexual Attraction. After a few weeks you will start waking up with a thick coat of chalk dust on your skin. Great for keeping dry in humid weather or for those of you with sweating problems. 

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