Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DR. CONE'S T.O.D. # 2

Dr. Cone here, updating the ole blog with an ipod touch from the local high school's lost and found! Here's some advice!

If you're feeling blue, find someone whose voice makes you feel happy and switch voices with them for a few months. It could be a friend, a grandparent, an acquaintance, a gay boyfriend, or just about anyone! Once you have successfully switched voices - GO NUTS!!! Experiment with your new voice. Perhaps try calling your old friends with your new voice and attempt to explain to them that you have acquired a new voice. Maybe try getting a voice over agent with your new voice! Maybe try getting your new voice to sound like your old voice - it'll be hard, but you'll have a blast trying!! If you like your new voice enough, you may want to suggest a permanent switch. If the other party is unwilling, it's time to pack your bags and hit the road. You must, at all costs, keep your new voice - even if it means starting an entirely new life. 

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